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Be anyone. Love anyone.

Join VIKI. The only adult social virtual world without censorship in virtual reality. Unique, exciting, worldwide

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What the virtual world VIKI will allow you in early access

Create your avatar

Express yourself and revive your vibrant imagination

Meet new people

Be part of a living worldwide VR community of real people

Have fun and relax

Play in virtual world without any restrictions

Experience erotica

Develop your relationships and make love with anyone and everyone

Create and break down myths

VIKI is a social virtual world of adults, where you can meet anyone from anywhere in the world, chat, laugh, build a relationship and even have sex. Just choose and edit your avatar. With it you can move in the environment of a luxury villa with a magnificant garden and meet other members.

Join the only VR world without censorship

You can spend time in any way and with anyone, without restrictions or censorship. Meet new people and, when you need privacy, just visit the room you will have with your new friend just for yourselves. What happens behind closed doors remains only between you.

Virtual world that won't leave you in the cold

You control your avatar with the help of controls and your own body, so the experience is very realistic from a social point of view. You communicate with other members via voice chat (all VR headsets have microphones integrated by default).

Discover a unique new world from the comfort and privacy of your home

Just join the VIKi online virtual community and put on VR glasses. VIKI brings to you a world of unlimited possibilities, extraordinary friendships and exciting (erotic) fun, wherever you are.

Become a member of the VIKI community. Look forward to new updates

Your own virtual currency

Shop and offer your services to others. Even VR sex

Create your own world

Modify and create a world in VIKI according to your most elaborate dreams

Build virtual relationships

Never know if the avatar next to you is your future friend or lover

Who is the team behind VIKI

Petr Baudyš


Patrik Duda


Martin Rubín


Adam Krhánek

Graphic designer