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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about VIKI

I want to join

What is VIKI all about?

VIKI is a virtual world for adults, where you can meet anyone from anywhere, chat, laugh, build a relationship and even have sex. And it‘s much more. In short, spend time in any way and with anyone without restrictions or censorship.

Is the game paid?

Yes, VIKI is paid, It costs 27,99 €, It's a one-time payment

Who is the team behind the VIKI idea?

Four men are behind the project of a unique virtual world for adults - Petr Baudyš (CEO), Patrik Duda (CMO), Martin Rubín (Programmer) and Adam Krhánek (Graphic designer).

How can a VIKI membership be paid for?

You will find payment options directly on the Steam acount.

Where can I read more details about this project?

Directly on our website. You can also connect with us on the discord, youtube or twitter channel.

What is the vision of the VIKI platform?

We are creating a virtual world for adults, where nothing will be impossible. Travel, fun, sports, relationships, sex, or even making money. In short, a virtual world of unlimited possibilities, populated by real people who can virtually live out their dreams and ideas to the fullest.

When will I be able to play it on Oculus and other platforms?

These platforms are still in process, so see our website for more information.

Is VIKI online?

Yes, VIKI is online only. Every avatar represents anactual person.

Can I have sex in a virtual game?

Yes, if you wish and the other member agrees.

Can I connect an erotic smart toy?

Yes, we’ll have that ability very soon. We‘re working to ensure that players can fully experience the feelings of real sexual satisfaction for themselves and other players / partners thanks to their partner erotic toys.